At PPI, we’re always happy to provide a platform and publish writers and authors who have a unique viewpoint on a policy subject and feel they can share their ideas in a manner that is easy to comprehend!

A bit about who we are and what we do:

Public Policy India (PPI) is a knowledge platform dedicated solely to the cause of Public Policy in India. An average Indian engages with Public Policy multiple times a day. From fretting over power cuts to meandering through potholed roads, from marvelling at instant money transfers on UPI to the lack of well-paying and productive jobs in the country, from hastily imposed lockdowns to overcrowded locals, each of these is a direct outcome of public policy. At PPI, we try to bring public policy closer to the ordinary Indian. We do this via our website where we publish quality long-form articles each week, The PolicyGram on Instagram and our weekly newsletter, The Policy Post.

We’re inviting independent submissions for our website! As a contributing writer, you will have a dedicated author page on our website wherein any of our readers can simply search for your name and all your articles would show up at once. On top of that, what also stands out for those who publish with a fair frequency on PPI, is that they steadily develop audiences and a reader base of their own. Plus, they have privileges like enlisting their position and role with us on their LinkedIn, Resumes etc. More importantly, if your article is written in a manner that is simple, easy to grasp and can interest even a layman into policy subjects, then we would be happy to re-format and make a PolicyGram out of the long-form. The team will take care of rewriting, graphic design, posting etc. We share it across all our platforms and of course, we tag you everywhere and you get all due credits as well. 

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, and if you’d love to bring forward your ideas, perspectives and thoughts on a whole host of issues to a large and growing audience with a team that actively facilitates the same, write to us!

Keep in mind that we’re only accepting final submissions (not rough drafts/pitches). Co-authored and previously published pieces are also welcome, as long as you have the relevant permissions. There’s no word limit as such, but pieces ranging from 800-1500 words work best. Apart from the usual caveat of no plagiarism, we only accept submissions that are written in a jargon-less, simple-to-follow language. In other words, anyone who reads it, regardless of their educational background, should be able to understand what you’re talking about. 

Please note that we won’t be able to provide individual feedback for all submissions. 

You can send in your submissions at Make sure to include “Article Submission” in the subject line of the email!

Partner with us!

We are a small team putting out good coverage, content, research on a regular basis and we understand the fact that there are issues, trends, developments we might miss out on. In case you feel there is something specific we should try and provide space to on our platform, or maybe something different that we could try out with The Policy Gram, do let us know!

Another strong area of focus for us here is how do we bring to light new perspectives, cover the under-discussed, add to the knowledge of our readers and help them shape a worldview of their own. Is there something you’ve written and would like us to publish on our platform? Is there a subject you feel we can work together on, developing it collectively, or a discussion we could play host to on our platform, or maybe something which we should add to The Policy Post? Feel free to reach out and let us know! The (really small) team at PPI is always looking forward to hearing your ideas, perspectives, and suggestions on how we can improve!

At PPI, we’re always trying to bring the best of Public Policy in India to our readers, be it via the PolicyGram, or our weekly compilation of the top courses, fellowships, jobs, and internships in Public Policy through our newsletter, The Policy Post. PPI today has a collective reach of more than 15,000 policy enthusiasts across all our digital properties. Our follower base makes for the perfect demographics of attendees for various policy fellowships, programs, and other relevant opportunities. If you’d like to engage and collaborate with us for outreach, feel free to reach out! We’ll be happy to work something out while ensuring it adds value to our audiences as well! 

We can be reached at

Thank you!

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