The Policy Gram is PPI’s flagship product delivered straight to your Instagram feeds. The idea here is to simplify, both topical and non-topical issues and subjects within the broader policy space, to the extent possible.

The Policy Gram essentially tries to explain a story, or a trend within strict word limits to help you save on time. We also try to do this in a manner that is aesthetically appealing, easy to process, informative to the core and fun to share! Our key emphasis here remains on helping you form informed opinions, grounded in facts.

Just like our newsletter, The Policy Post, there is a specific segment of audiences that we are trying to address the needs of, with The Policy Gram. Someone who’s interested in what’s happening in the country, but has no time or patience to read up a 2000 word article on it. Someone who is opinionated, wants to develop a fact-based opinion and shares them as well, but finds policy subjects to be too complex and overwhelming at times. Or maybe just someone who likes interacting with visually appealing, well-drafted blocks of knowledge to be in the know!

We attempt to put out posts that are relevant, insightful, and informative. All this while ensuring it does not take more than a couple of minutes of your time, while making it super easy for you to share the post, with your own comments added in as well!

All of this also ties in with our larger mission. Make policy as relevant, simple and engaging as possible. You’ll find all the action @thepolicygram!

If you have a topic that you think we should cover in our next Policygram, click here to send it in! If there’s a PG that you’ve written and feel it simplifies a Policy topic in a manner that is engaging – send it in! We take care of the Editing, Graphic Design, Marketing, Upload. We’d tag you while uploading on platforms and give you the credits as well!

PS: Our focus here is to simplify existing knowledge for the wider masses. Everything we say (and the data we use) in our PolicyGrams is out there and can be checked for. We do not claim credit for any such information and are happy to provide clarification if you feel a particular data point might be incorrect!

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