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A primary goal that underscores everything we do is to improve understanding, accessibility, and awareness around relevant policy concerns. From fretting over power cuts to meandering potholed roads, marveling at instant transfers via UPI to hastily imposed lockdowns – we want to demystify why our country works the way it does.

Be it explainer posts on @thepolicygram, weekly website articles, curations in The Policy Post – our products are designed to fulfill the needs of a new India, one that is young, straightforward, and constantly on the go.

When we were looking to build our own careers in public policy, we had nothing but confusing jargon, unclear options, and no professional guidance. We want to change that for the upcoming tide of Indians who want to join this fast-paced, rapidly evolving ecosystem.

Our webinars, resource lists, databases of opportunity, mentor talks, IG Lives, and collaborations with organisations (and more!) are all geared towards making PPI a pitstop of anyone wanting to build a career in policy.

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Our Team

Meet our powerhouse of a team that brings you the A-Z of all PPI offerings.

Yash Agarwal


Yash is presently engaged as a Public Policy Coordinator @Twitter besides being a full-time reader and guide for people who want to break into the policy space. He graduated from SCMC, Pune in Journalism and went on to do the LAMP Fellowship in 2019.

Michelle Patrick

Head of Communication Strategy and Operations

With formal training in communication and a background in PR, Michelle is making the shift in Policy Communication. Most recently, she was engaged with SPRF, Delhi. Michelle also graduated from SCMC and to honour her media degree – sometimes writes and draws.

Pramiti Singh

Community Engagement Lead + Operations

Pramiti is the founder of Project Kaagaz and is presently engaged in a public policy role with Amazon Web Services. She has also been a LAMP fellow and is formally educated in Sociology and Economics.

Swati Singh

Co-founded, Content Lead

Swati is an incoming Resident Consultant at Dalberg and has worked in the social impact and public policy space since her early college days at Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication.

Radhika Sareen

New Initiatives Development Lead

Radhika is currently pursuing her post-graduation in Public Policy from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. She has a passion for researching, writing, and crafting solutions for complex problems specifically in the domains of public policy, politics, security, and international relations.

And that’s it! Everything you get from PPI is something we do in addition to our regular 9 to 5s. If you like our work and would like to see more of it, consider clicking the green coffee icon on the bottom right of your page and supporting this venture!

Folks that have been part of Public Policy India’s journey <3

Shiksha Srivasta

New Initiatives Lead

Ashima Singh