PPI is a knowledge platform dedicated solely to the cause of Public Policy in India. Conceptualised and started by two young public policy professionals, we aim to become the one-stop hub for all things policy in India. Our mission is to further the understanding, accessibility and engagement of public policy among ordinary Indians. We’re a small team of policy enthusiasts, constantly innovating to bring the best insights into India’s policy issues to our 10k+ readers.


An average Indian engages with Public Policy multiple times a day. From fretting over power cuts to meandering through potholed roads, from marvelling at instant money transfers on UPI to the lack of well-paying and productive jobs in the country, from hastily imposed lockdowns to overcrowded locals, each of these is a direct outcome of public policy.

Ours is a generation far more aware than any before. It is more engaged with socio-political subjects and equally opinionated, a critical trait of a healthy democracy and a functioning, free society. However, there exists a lack of understanding of these subjects we engage with subconsciously, on a sustained basis. This gap arises from our lives getting busier. Everyone has a living to earn, a life to get on with and numerous other priorities. Hence, the opportunity to engage with these essential subjects doesn’t usually come up, no matter how important and ultimately beneficial it may be. 

PPI is a bold, honest attempt at bridging this critical gap. We believe this gap ultimately impinges on the way our government functions, our societies are shaped and finally, the lives we lead. We understand, our readers are busy and have other pressing demands on their time. Still, we also understand that they have a need and desire to form opinions, share, learn, and ultimately be well-informed citizens of the societies we collectively inhabit. This insight is the primary motivation and reasoning behind its existence.

What we do

PPI is a knowledge (as opposed to just information) platform with a strong sense of purpose, driven by a realisation of the unfathomable improvement we can collectively make to the societies and systems engulfing us. We’ve developed a specific set of features/products that we believe are most likely to successfully serve a wide variety of audiences, short on time and attention but eager to develop an understanding before forming an opinion. We can’t wait to share them with you.

From soliciting and publishing significant contributions on pressing policy issues by researchers, entrepreneurs, public policy professionals etc., to The Policy Gram delivered right to your Instagram feeds with timeless knowledge to help you become a more informed citizen. We also have our weekly newsletter, The Policy Post, which brings to you all our publications, top stories from the policy world, and the best job/internship opportunities in the field of Public Policy, Communications and the Development Sector. All of this is delivered straight to your inbox every Friday evening. No spam, no nonsense.

Meet the team!

Yash and Swati are public policy professionals currently working as Consultants/Associates and have backgrounds in the LAMP Fellowship, Centre for Civil Society, Government of India, Takshashila Institution, UNDP, Teach for India etc.

Michelle, our Digital Communications Lead, has spent three years mastering the art of delivering digital content from one of India’s premier mass communication colleges. Ashima Singh, our research lead, is an Ashoka University graduate. She worked at the Trivedi Centre for Political Data in collaboration with NDTV and has a PGD in Chinese (Mandarin).

Having been beneficiaries of India’s economic growth and steady policy evolution over the past two decades, we feel it is vital for us to do our bit to ensure that the same extends to millions more whose boats are yet to be lifted. Public policy remains the most potent, sustainable and sure-footed tool for achieving that vision. It’ll take time, but we’ll make it happen collectively.

We need your support

We’re a small team at PPI, working hard to bring the best of public policy to our network of 10k + policy enthusiasts. The process of building PPI has been enriching, and the support we’ve received has only motivated us to work harder. All of us at PPI work full-time jobs to keep the lights on at PPI, and we’re happy to invest even more going ahead to bring you crisp and concise policy insights. Naturally, it requires a lot of investment in terms of time, effort and, more than anything, money.

To continue to bring fresh policy insights to our readers, we need your support. If you believe in our mission to make public policy accessible and understandable to every Indian, you can support our journey by buying us a coffee, a book, a meal, or anything you think might benefit us. Here, you can contribute as little as Rs. 75 and help us sustain our work and grow it in the times to come so we can add even greater value to our audiences (a coffee costs way more than that, but you get the point)!

Reach out to us!

The (really small) team at PPI is always looking forward to hearing your ideas, perspectives and suggestions on how we can improve!

You can write to us at contact@publicpolicyindia.com

Additionally, you can also reach out to the founders directly at – @yashagarwalm and @Swato_ on Twitter!

You can also reach out to us on any of our social media platforms via DM. We promise to be prompt with our replies 🙂

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